CRONOS: A Savage Worlds Campain

EP2: Jumping at Shadows

As the small company jet drifts over the eastern Alps, the momentary power outage elicits little notice or comment from Isabella‘s team. Her second in command, a former Army ranger and survival specialist named Ray Burnes, quietly peruses a tablet PC with an overview of the motocross arena just outside of Ferma, Italy. The first soldier to speak up is Leroy Gaines, a former Malawi intelligence operative who had saved Isabella’s life at least once, probably three or four times. After glancing out one aircraft’s tiny windows, he observes that the plane is losing altitude.

A quick examination of the cockpit reveals that the pilot is – quite impossibly – entirely absent, and the flight console is dead. The group’s equipment specialist, Lainie Benning, dives under the console and quickly divines that there is nothing they can do in a particularly timely fashion, so the group immediately prepares for an emergency jump. Burnes switches his overland display to locate a likely rendezvous point while Gaines passes out chutes, and the commando team is soon drifting over the Alps. As Isabella touches down, the plane explodes against a distant mountainside.

In a small sheriff’s station in eastern Texas, Sunny watches as the emergency lights come to life, but the entire building remains dead quiet. He quickly finds that his cell isn’t even secured, and he makes his way out of the holding block and into the office, where everyone has met a sudden and mysterious demise. Sunny quickly locates his immediate belongings and checks the impound yard for his motorcyle, which is absent. A view from the top of the building reveals that much of the town may have suffered the same fate as the law enforcement officers below. Absconding with some usable weaponry, Sunny sets off in a squad car to locate his bike and attendant belongings.

In Italy, Elsa and her sister find themselves trapped inside some sort of warehouse, hidden behind some crates, which are in the process of being moved around by eastern European toughs. The sisters make their way quietly toward the front of the building, remaining behind cover as much as possible, until they reach an entrance into a separate office. The room beyond has a single occupant, an old Russian gentleman sifting through some papers on one of the desks. Elsa decides to make a run for it, but the Russian calls her name before she makes it to the exit on the far side of the room. She hesitates for only a moment as he asks her to wait and allow him to explain what is happening, then she quickly disappears into the streets of the city with her sister in tow.

In Chicago, Ethan and Athena are lurking behind the diner when a police detective and a uniformed officer arrive in the parking area out front. The detective heads inside while the other officer, who bears an unbelievable likeness to Athena’s supposed brother Tyrone, runs the plates on other vehicles in the lot, including Ethan’s rental. Not wanting to discuss their situation with the cops, Ethan and Athena slip into the diner and attempt to hide in the walk-in freezer. Unfortunately, the murdered corpse of the diner’s owner is already in residence, and Athena immediately screams.

When Detective Redding drags Athena into the manager’s office to interview her regarding the manager’s death and the surveillance pictures found at the earlier scene of the shooting, Tyrone, who seems to be overjoyed to see his sister (much to Athena’s morbid discomfort), grills Ethan about his presence here, explaining that they weren’t supposed to meet for six months yet. Ethan tries desperately to make sense out of the situation, while Athena struggles not to say anything incriminating. Eventually, the police expel everyone from the diner and warn them not to leave town.

Sunny eventually reaches his bike, but notices the approach of military vehicles on the road leading toward town. He attempts to escape southward on a dirt road, pursued by helicopter, but flies off the road in the dark and lays over his motorcycle in the middle of a field. Before the helicopter can target him effectively with its spotlight, he grabs his gear and runs toward the wood.

Finally reaching the hotel, Elsa discovers her mother sitting quietly in her suite, in the company of a lone gunman. Before he can shoot her or her sister, Elsa drops him with a couple of well-placed punches and sneaks her family out of the hotel before any of the gunman’s friends can show up.

Shortly before dawn, Isabella reaches the rendezvous point in a small mountain village called Ufenstaf. Gathering her team, she moves them toward a scheduled airlift in another town to the east of their current position.



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