CRONOS: A Savage Worlds Campain

EP6: There are Monsters in the School

At the Pegasus Lab in downtown Chicago, Cal Simmons uses a cloned security card to break into the facility. He then leads Ethan and Athena to the main security room, where Ethan quickly pacifies the attendant guard and stations himself at the monitors. Cal and Athena make their way into the upper story offices, avoiding laboratory personnel with Ethan’s assistance, and locate a viable workstation for Cal to access the company’s secure files. He also dispatches Athena to collect a box of hard copy material from a nearby store room, which includes a series of microcassettes containing the personal log files of Project Cronos direct Arri Kuschev.

Meanwhile in Texas, Isabella’s team – including Sonny and Elsa – make their way into the underground laboratory they reputedly visited as children. Once they secure the security facility and control station, Isabella dispatches teams to reconnoiter the interior corridors and locate the engineering room so that power can be restored. While Lainie focuses on repairing damaged systems, Gaines and Burnes locate a wounded soldier from the previous infiltration and soon find the body of another, apparently attacked by some sort of clawed monster. They promptly restore some of the power to the bunker and manage to restore internal ventilation, permitting them to remove lingering toxins from the atmosphere. When they attempt to retreat, however, they find that the elevator has been disabled. Isabella manages to make contact with Captain Ganen, who informs her that his mission was actually to bury Project Cronos, including her and her companions. He has now been dispatched to Chicago to deal with the final survivor of the experiment.

While Simmons is downloading the files from the Pegasus mainframe, the survivor in question discovers that one of the monitors provides video access and two-communication to the underground lab in Texas. As the condemned company’s only immediate hope for rescue, Ethan gathers up his companions and detours toward O’Hare, where he purchases passage on a small, exclusive flight with funds Cal has siphoned from a Pegasus account. Eventually, they land in Amarillo, drive out to the facility east of Wheeler, Texas, and reactivate external power to the elevator.

While they are waiting, however, Isabella’s team encounters the monster that attacked the previous party, a mutated subject from ExCorp‘s vile experiments. They put it down, but Isabella is sorely wounded. Following their rescue, the party relocates to Amarillo and settles in for the night. Isabella’s only workable lead is a text message from her father explaining that she shouldn’t trust Ganen, should keep her new friends close, and meet him in Amsterdam in ten days.



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