CRONOS: A Savage Worlds Campain

EP7: A Gathering of Wolves

Late that night at a Motel 6 in Amarillo, Texas, Isabella holds a brief conference with her new confederates. Cal Simmons shares a news story out of Chicago regarding a midtown fire that claimed the lives of numerous scientists, and Izzy concludes that it may take Ganen less than 24 hours to find their trail. She dispatches Burnes and Ethan to exchange their vehicles and instructs everyone to get a good night’s sleep. While the dangerous duo relieve a used car lot of an old cargo van and another SUV, Izzy has another bizarre dream featuring a young Ethan and Miss Rhiana. The old woman cryptically admonishes her to be wary, telling her that “the wolves are knockin’ at the door.” Isabella soon awakens to find that it’s after 4 AM, but an ominous brownout inspires her to get the group moving.

After all, the wolves might be showing up at any time.



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