Jones, Athena


Athena Jones

Age: 22
Ethnicity: Black/Hispanic
Occupation: Writer/Waitress
Employer: Self-Employed/Joe’s Diner

The daughter of Jonathon “Zeus” Jones and Mary Diaz, Athena grew up in the North Kenwood-Oakland neighborhood in inner-city Chicago. At the age of 16, she was shot during a B&E by an irate homeowner at an area townhouse and rushed to the hospital with a wound that, much to her surprise, turned out to be fairly incidental. She copped to her part in the break-in in exchange for an escape from juvenile detention and focused on graduating high school and moving on to college. She is a gifted writer who has just begun to see some success with her first published horror/mystery novel, and she works as a waitress at Joe’s Diner to pay the bills.


Jones, Athena

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