CRONOS: A Savage Worlds Campain

EP7: A Gathering of Wolves

Late that night at a Motel 6 in Amarillo, Texas, Isabella holds a brief conference with her new confederates. Cal Simmons shares a news story out of Chicago regarding a midtown fire that claimed the lives of numerous scientists, and Izzy concludes that it may take Ganen less than 24 hours to find their trail. She dispatches Burnes and Ethan to exchange their vehicles and instructs everyone to get a good night’s sleep. While the dangerous duo relieve a used car lot of an old cargo van and another SUV, Izzy has another bizarre dream featuring a young Ethan and Miss Rhiana. The old woman cryptically admonishes her to be wary, telling her that “the wolves are knockin’ at the door.” Isabella soon awakens to find that it’s after 4 AM, but an ominous brownout inspires her to get the group moving.

After all, the wolves might be showing up at any time.

EP6: There are Monsters in the School

At the Pegasus Lab in downtown Chicago, Cal Simmons uses a cloned security card to break into the facility. He then leads Ethan and Athena to the main security room, where Ethan quickly pacifies the attendant guard and stations himself at the monitors. Cal and Athena make their way into the upper story offices, avoiding laboratory personnel with Ethan’s assistance, and locate a viable workstation for Cal to access the company’s secure files. He also dispatches Athena to collect a box of hard copy material from a nearby store room, which includes a series of microcassettes containing the personal log files of Project Cronos direct Arri Kuschev.

Meanwhile in Texas, Isabella’s team – including Sonny and Elsa – make their way into the underground laboratory they reputedly visited as children. Once they secure the security facility and control station, Isabella dispatches teams to reconnoiter the interior corridors and locate the engineering room so that power can be restored. While Lainie focuses on repairing damaged systems, Gaines and Burnes locate a wounded soldier from the previous infiltration and soon find the body of another, apparently attacked by some sort of clawed monster. They promptly restore some of the power to the bunker and manage to restore internal ventilation, permitting them to remove lingering toxins from the atmosphere. When they attempt to retreat, however, they find that the elevator has been disabled. Isabella manages to make contact with Captain Ganen, who informs her that his mission was actually to bury Project Cronos, including her and her companions. He has now been dispatched to Chicago to deal with the final survivor of the experiment.

While Simmons is downloading the files from the Pegasus mainframe, the survivor in question discovers that one of the monitors provides video access and two-communication to the underground lab in Texas. As the condemned company’s only immediate hope for rescue, Ethan gathers up his companions and detours toward O’Hare, where he purchases passage on a small, exclusive flight with funds Cal has siphoned from a Pegasus account. Eventually, they land in Amarillo, drive out to the facility east of Wheeler, Texas, and reactivate external power to the elevator.

While they are waiting, however, Isabella’s team encounters the monster that attacked the previous party, a mutated subject from ExCorp‘s vile experiments. They put it down, but Isabella is sorely wounded. Following their rescue, the party relocates to Amarillo and settles in for the night. Isabella’s only workable lead is a text message from her father explaining that she shouldn’t trust Ganen, should keep her new friends close, and meet him in Amsterdam in ten days.

EP5: The Price of Ruples

Isabella is dreaming. She awakens to find the small private jet flying quietly somewhere over the Atlantic, most of its passengers missing. Burnes lies dead nearby, his body riddled with the bullets that mysteriously disappeared prior to takeoff. Further in the cabin, she finds Elsa tossing and turning as if caught up in a nightmare of her own. The only other occupant seems to be an old, kindly-looking black lady, knitting a gun from fuzzy black yarn. The lady engages Isabella in light conversation, suggesting that they would be important to each other in the days ahead.

In the waking world, the team’s plane eventually lands at an air strip in Atlanta, where they are greeted by an ExCorp security team under the command of Victor Gedding. Gedding arranges a debriefing and provides the captain with her new orders, to proceed immediately by air to Amarillo, Texas, then by helicopter to a company facility outside of Wheeler. She is expected to take command of units on site and organize a containment mission into the underground bunker beneath the facility. Isabella attempts to give Elsa and her sister into the care of local operatives, but soon discovers that she is unable to part from Elsa by more than a couple hundred meters without becoming violently ill. Ila remains in Keating’s care, since he still has a bullet wound in his left shoulder, and Elsa and her mother remain with the team as they depart for northern Texas.

In the airport, Isabella also encounters Miss Rhianna, the woman from her dream, who demostrates a small degree of knowledge regarding the team’s current disposition and provides her with a mysterious phone number.

In Chicago, Ethan and Athena visit Cal‘s apartment to search for a series of files he remembers seeing labeled with the mysterious symbol from the glass disc. Cal, whose home turns out to be a computer hacker’s paradise, is unable to locate the files, however, and insists that he can retrieve them from the Pegasus Group‘s internal system if they sneak into the lab. Since the lab will be occupied until after noon, the trio then devide to visit Athena’s scheduled interview with one of the individuals she was studying for her book, a woman named Irena Hayes who mysteriously survived an automobile accident that killed her husband and teenage son about ten years ago. When Irena returned to her life after recovery, she noticed that many things were different – including evidence that her son was actually the wrong gender! Believing that her sanity was slipping, it was several years before she spoke about it to anyone at all, and Athena was quick to recognize parallels to a certain event from her own murky past. During the interview, she also discovered that Irena had visited with Miss Rhianna Baerns, her own presumably deceased grandmother.

In Wheeler, Sunny and Dr. Barnes are stopped by the local sheriff on the way into town and detained until ExCorp field units arrive to escort them to the facility. The pair of them are held in custody until Isabella’s eventual arrival, at which point they join the command team and assembled assets inside the building. While Greta and Elliot greet each other as old friends, Isabella begins to assemble the story of their common background, and she and Elsa and Sunny all discover that they visited this very facility when they were very young. Before the group can launch its immediate mission, however, Isabella’s father – Dr. Noah Reid – arrives to inocculate the group against potentially hazardous airborne agents in the underground lab. Isabella confronts her father, and he explains that Project Cronos was an attempt to utilize a unique mutogenic enzyme from her own biochemistry to treat terminally ill children. The project was decommissioned in 1992, but the lab was apparently still in use. He warns them that genetically mutated test subjects may have been stored on site and that one or more of them may have escaped into the rest of the bunker.

EP4: Soldiers of Fortune

At an airstrip just outside of Genoa, a UH-60 Blackhawk settles on the tarmac less than a hundred yards south of the jet being prepped to carry Isabella’s commando team back to the States. The mercenary team descends from the chopper, escorting Greta Schmidtz and her two daughters, and are nearly halfway to the plane when Syndicate agents arrive on the scene and open fire. Most of the team takes shelter behind a set of storage containers near the hangar while Isabella makes a run for the helicopter. Before she can reach it, one of the enemy grunts emerges with a rocket launcher and promptly removes the heavily armed Blackhawk from the equation. Isabella throws herself to the ground as the wake of the explosion rains debris throughout her vicimity, then levels her M4 at an enemy sedan and manages to strike the fuel tank, resulting in another explosion.

As the mercenary captain barrels toward her team, Burnes tosses a pair of smoke grenades toward the plane to help provide cover. Isabella gathers the German doctor and her progeny and ushers them toward the jet as the rest of the team provides suppression fire. In the cabin, however, yet another surprise is waiting, and by the time Isabella arrives, Syndicate agents – led by none other than the recently murdered Russian, Arri Kuschev – have Elsa and her family at gunpoint. When Isabella refused to surrender, however, Kuschev ordered the assassination of Greta’s youngest daughter, Ila, at which point Isabella launches herself at the gunman and a fight ensues. Though Kuschev clearly orders his men not to attack Isabella with deadly force, the situation is spinning out of control when one of the agents points a pistol at Elsa’s head and pulls the trigger. As the gunshot rings throughout the cabin, both the girls suddenly lose consciousness.

At the University of Chicago, Ethan, Athena, and Cal Simmons visit the physics department in an attempt to locate a professor versed in quantum theory. They locate the office of Dr. Gene Lawton, department chair and professor of advanced physics, but are greeted by his aide, a young grad student who identifies herself as Kelly Moore. Kelly looks at a picture of the strange glass disc and identifies the central sigil, a circular inscription just inside a triangle and surrounded by an incomplete circular formation, from an Incan archeological dig she consulted on during the previous year. She gets Athena’s cell number and promised to visit with the professor when he returns and call with the results. Cal, meanwhile, is distracted by a collection of pictures, notes, and news and magazine clippings pinned to the wall.

Outside the facility near Wheeler, Texas, Sunny approaches his neighbor unseen and greets him with gun in hand. The gangly stranger identifies himself as Dr. Elliot Barnes and becomes truly alarmed when he learns who Sunny is, insisting that they leave the area immediately and avoid any entanglements with ExCorp. Despite his suspicions, Sunny agrees, and the two of them leave the scene in Barnes’ pickup.

When Isabella regains consciousness, reality seems to have suffered a serious adjustment. The plane is well on its way back across the Atlantic, and Elsa and most of the rest of the team are otherwise unharmed. Kuschev and the Syndicate agents apparently disappeared, or were never there; the team isn’t entirely sure which. In a private conversation with the mercenary captain, Greta explains that Isabella herself demonstrated unusual abilities when she was very young, describing a terrible automobile accident from which Isabella and her mother emerged miraculously unscratched. She posits that the girl possesses some sort of ability to rewrite events which might have ended in grave personal injury. When Isabella comments that she herself knew of no such personal danger during the fight on the plane – but that Elsa had been targeted with a killing shot just before they lost consciousness – Greta swoons at the realization and despairs that she and her contemporaries might somehow be responsible.

Before they can finish exploring these revelations, Isabella receives a call from Colonel Ryan Jamison, chief officer of Manticorp, diverting them with new orders to a private facility in northern Texas. Greta, upon hearing of this, faints dead away.

EP3: Truth and Consequences

As the morning sun creeps across the floor of her hotel room, Elsa keeps her movements quiet to avoid waking her mother and sister. The day of the competition has arrived, and bad guys with guns are an insufficient motive for missing the race. Elsa grabs her gear and finds a taxi to get her out to the arena. Isabella, meanwhile, closes on Ferma and prepares to carry out her mission.

After the narrow escape from Hope Springs, Sunny wends his way north and west through the sparse woodlands of East Texas until he makes his way back to the highway, where he soon locates a stalled pickup truck with a deceased driver at the wheel. Recognizing the symptoms conversant with the woman’s demise, Sunny pushes her into the road and starts the truck, intent on clearing the region as quickly as possible and continuing his journey toward Corpus Christi and home.

From the garage at the Motocross Championship, Elsa finally receives a call from her wayward manager’s cell, only to discover that the Russian has kidnapped him and is holding him hostage. Identifying himself as Arri Kuschev, an old friend of her mother’s, he insists on a face-to-face meeting to explain his demands for Trevor’s safe release. Elsa agrees, and soon leaves the arena for an outdoor cafe on the near side of town. An ExCorp field agent follows her to the meet and reports her position to Isabella as soon as the extraction team touches down.

Kuschev arrives and takes a seat while the commandos make their way quickly toward the tiny cafe. Following a few pointless pleasantries, including an exhortation on how much Else has changed since he last saw her – when she was apparently about 4 or 5 years old – the Russian explains that his employers wish to take Elsa and her mother into their protection, as American agents have been dispatched to abduct them. In the midst of the uncomfortable exchange, Isabella and her infiltration specialist, Chad Keating, take a seat at a nearby table, pretending to be tourists. When an opening presents itself, Isabella masquerades as a Motocross fan and approaches Elsa for an autograph, giving the girl an opportunity to plead for help via pen and paper.

When the meeting adjourns and Elsa is on her way back to the arena, where Kuschev insists he will later join her, Isabella’s team takes the Russian and his driver to find out where he has secreted the girl’s manager. Upon discovering that he has killed the man, Isabella puts a bullet in his head. Knowing that one of his men escaped their ambush, she is quick to mobilize her team and head toward the arena.

On his approach to Mount Pleasant, Sunny receives a phone call – on the dead girl’s cell – from a mysterious older lady calling herself Miss Rhiana. The woman is quick to warn Sunny that the authorities in Mount Pleasant are already looking for him and urges him to accept her assistance in escaping the clutches of the Center for Disease Control and the National Guard. At Miss Rhiana’s behest, Sunny leaves the highway and diverts his course northward toward a GPS location sent to the phone, some sort of abandoned research facility near Wheeler, Texas, in the northern panhandle.

At the arena just outside of Ferma, Elsa arrives to find her mother and sister waiting for her. Before she can fully explain what has happened, Isabella arrives to insist that they vacate the venue, as her command team has already identified Syndicate toughs in the crowd outside. The group quickly emerges into the midday sun amidst the vast crowd of spectators and attempts to make their way to the end of the stands. One agent manages to slip ahead of her compatriots and intercepts them, but Isabella quickly lodges a bullet in his shoulder and strikes the wound with a decisive punch to momentarily incapacitate the man. She and her charges quickly regroup with the rest of the team at their improvised motorcade and make their way back to town, at which point Greta asks that Isabella pull over to have a quick discussion.

In a small, out-of-the-way parking garage, Greta queries the captain about her mission and her intentions. She asks her to reconsider, insisting that ExCorp represents nearly as grave a threat to her and her daughters as the Syndicate. She hints at her history with the company and indicates that Isabella’s father, Dr. Noah Reid, may also be involved. Isabella attempts to quiet the woman’s fears and insists that they will be safer with her than with the agents who pursue them, and the party continues toward their safe house to arrange their evac strategy.

In Chicago, Ethan and Athena pay a brief visit to the girl’s apartment to collect her computer and some clothing. On the way, Athena appeals to him to allow her to peruse the contents of the briefcase. Keeping his own file securely out of sight, Ethan hands it over. Athena quickly begins a detailed investigation of the dossiers, searching for similarities and patterns which might provide some connection to each other or to current events. To more effectively pursue her investigation, Ethan heads toward Blackstone Public Library in Kenwood Park, the other side of 47th Street, where they soon run into Cal Simmons, the man who left the briefcase at the diner.

Simmons admits that he had a friend who works for the Department of Defense track Athena using her cell. Recognizing Ethan from his file, Simmons immediately asks for help, insisting that someone is trying to kill him. Intending to get the full story from the nervous youth, Ethan steers them toward a nearby diner. Over a soda and no small amount of stuttering, Simmons recounts his discovery of the files and the disc in the archives of a research facility belonging to the Pegasus Group, a consulting firm out of Houston for whom he works as a data analyst. Since the discovery, and his pursuant inquiries into a dead research project from the early 90s called [[Project: Cronos]], Simmons has been a target for unseen – and fortunately, thus far, unsuccessful – assassins.

After the conversation, the unlikely trio resolve to learn more about Simmons’ unusual discoveries. Athena managed to identify some of the sigils on the disc via obscure references in an old scientific journal, apparently related to quantum physics. Ethan resolves that their next stop will be the nearby University of Chicago.

That night, Sunny finally reaches his destination, to find that the abandoned facility is far from abandoned. Soldiers patrol the exterior, and ExCorp trucks are docked at the main garage. He speaks briefly with Miss Rhiana, who seems agitated at the development but not necessarily surprised, but their communication is mysteriously disrupted. As he surveys the scene from a hidden overlook, however, he soon notices that he isn’t the only observer; another man with a pair of binoculars is standing just over the crest of the hill. Hoping to get some answers, Sunny pulls his gun and quietly makes his way that direction.

EP2: Jumping at Shadows

As the small company jet drifts over the eastern Alps, the momentary power outage elicits little notice or comment from Isabella‘s team. Her second in command, a former Army ranger and survival specialist named Ray Burnes, quietly peruses a tablet PC with an overview of the motocross arena just outside of Ferma, Italy. The first soldier to speak up is Leroy Gaines, a former Malawi intelligence operative who had saved Isabella’s life at least once, probably three or four times. After glancing out one aircraft’s tiny windows, he observes that the plane is losing altitude.

A quick examination of the cockpit reveals that the pilot is – quite impossibly – entirely absent, and the flight console is dead. The group’s equipment specialist, Lainie Benning, dives under the console and quickly divines that there is nothing they can do in a particularly timely fashion, so the group immediately prepares for an emergency jump. Burnes switches his overland display to locate a likely rendezvous point while Gaines passes out chutes, and the commando team is soon drifting over the Alps. As Isabella touches down, the plane explodes against a distant mountainside.

In a small sheriff’s station in eastern Texas, Sunny watches as the emergency lights come to life, but the entire building remains dead quiet. He quickly finds that his cell isn’t even secured, and he makes his way out of the holding block and into the office, where everyone has met a sudden and mysterious demise. Sunny quickly locates his immediate belongings and checks the impound yard for his motorcyle, which is absent. A view from the top of the building reveals that much of the town may have suffered the same fate as the law enforcement officers below. Absconding with some usable weaponry, Sunny sets off in a squad car to locate his bike and attendant belongings.

In Italy, Elsa and her sister find themselves trapped inside some sort of warehouse, hidden behind some crates, which are in the process of being moved around by eastern European toughs. The sisters make their way quietly toward the front of the building, remaining behind cover as much as possible, until they reach an entrance into a separate office. The room beyond has a single occupant, an old Russian gentleman sifting through some papers on one of the desks. Elsa decides to make a run for it, but the Russian calls her name before she makes it to the exit on the far side of the room. She hesitates for only a moment as he asks her to wait and allow him to explain what is happening, then she quickly disappears into the streets of the city with her sister in tow.

In Chicago, Ethan and Athena are lurking behind the diner when a police detective and a uniformed officer arrive in the parking area out front. The detective heads inside while the other officer, who bears an unbelievable likeness to Athena’s supposed brother Tyrone, runs the plates on other vehicles in the lot, including Ethan’s rental. Not wanting to discuss their situation with the cops, Ethan and Athena slip into the diner and attempt to hide in the walk-in freezer. Unfortunately, the murdered corpse of the diner’s owner is already in residence, and Athena immediately screams.

When Detective Redding drags Athena into the manager’s office to interview her regarding the manager’s death and the surveillance pictures found at the earlier scene of the shooting, Tyrone, who seems to be overjoyed to see his sister (much to Athena’s morbid discomfort), grills Ethan about his presence here, explaining that they weren’t supposed to meet for six months yet. Ethan tries desperately to make sense out of the situation, while Athena struggles not to say anything incriminating. Eventually, the police expel everyone from the diner and warn them not to leave town.

Sunny eventually reaches his bike, but notices the approach of military vehicles on the road leading toward town. He attempts to escape southward on a dirt road, pursued by helicopter, but flies off the road in the dark and lays over his motorcycle in the middle of a field. Before the helicopter can target him effectively with its spotlight, he grabs his gear and runs toward the wood.

Finally reaching the hotel, Elsa discovers her mother sitting quietly in her suite, in the company of a lone gunman. Before he can shoot her or her sister, Elsa drops him with a couple of well-placed punches and sneaks her family out of the hotel before any of the gunman’s friends can show up.

Shortly before dawn, Isabella reaches the rendezvous point in a small mountain village called Ufenstaf. Gathering her team, she moves them toward a scheduled airlift in another town to the east of their current position.

EP1: Pilot
Nothing is quite what is seems...

As the afternoon sun drifts lazily across the New York City skyscrapers, Isabella Reyes watches the city flow beneath her as the helicopter zeroes in on ExCorp. The black monolithic structure stoops amidst its nearest neighbors, not unlike a wolf skulking amongst the sheep. Her single companion, a hulking security officer who looks like a mafia enforcer and dresses like the Men In Black, keeps a silent vigil as the aircraft alights atop the corporate headquarters of Excalibur Corporation, a company Isabella knows little about but can certainly guess at the character of. She’s known for some time that Manticorp‘s purse strings were managed by an outside entity; who it is doesn’t really matter too much.

Descending from the copter, Isabella is greeted by ExCorp security chief Victor Gedding, a polite and somewhat distinguished-looking fellow whose appearance is marred only by an old scar just above his left eye. Victor welcomes her to ExCorp and escorts her immediately to the office of her uncle, Galen Sherer, which is something of a surprise to Isabella. Galen dismisses Gedding and engages in a private conversation with his neice, in which he hints at his interest in her career and asks her to put together a small task force to manage a special assignment. He provides information on a Slovenian mafia organization calling themselves the Syndicate and their rival interest in a former ExCorp asset named Greta Schmidtz. The mission is an extraction. Schmidtz will be attending her daughter’s championship motocross event in Ferma, Italy, the day after tomorrow. Isabella is instructed to retrieve both Schmidtz and her daughter Elsa before Syndicate agents can get their hands on them.

The next morning, Sunny Clark emerges from a cheap motel room in eastern Texas and visits the diner across the street. It’s a quiet town, and Sunny’s Harley Davidson startles nearby birds and locals as it roars to life. At the diner, he orders a meal and settles in to try not to think about his father’s illness, which summoned him from his more solitary existence in the wilds west of the Everglades to make the long journey home to Corpus Christi. As he drinks his coffee and ponders the road ahead, an obnoxious local drunk arrives to harrass the waitress and start a fight. After a few blows, the drunkard pulls a knife, which Sunny answers with a .50 caliber Desert Eagle. The town sheriff arrives before the struggle can escalate any further, and he is forced to detain Sunny when he discovers a warrant for his arrest.

As afternoon arrives up north in Chicago, Athena Jones serves one of her regulars at Joe’s Diner, a young man who frequently drops in to flirt with the girl over a cup of coffee. When he disappears, however, he leaves his battered briefcase behind, complete with an address label containing a name, street address, and a short string of numbers. When she gets off, Athena googles the address, then heads toward the apartment in question in order to return the item.

Meanwhile, Ethan Clark arrives in the area searching for the girl, whom he swore to her older brother Tyrone before he died that he would watch over and keep her out of danger. At her home address, he chats briefly with an old black woman sitting outside the building next door, and the woman identifies Athena by her picture and tells him where to find her. At the diner, Ethan manages to convince one of her co-workers that she might be in trouble and checks out the back-office computer where she searched for the address. He then heads out in pursuit.

At the townhouse in question, Athena finds that buzzing in reveals a security panel. She enters the code and is admitted upstairs, where she walks into the open apartment in search of her wayward admirer. She finds the place empty and eerily familiar for some reason, and she finds a number of surveillance photos on the coffee table, all of them pictures of her. Right then, just as Ethan arrives in the street outside, a sniper from a building across the street shoots through the window and begins taking shots at her. As Ethan charges up the stairs, Athena drops to the floor and scrambles into the bedroom. The shots stop after several moments, but Ethan is careful to stay low as he makes his way across the exposed outer chamber and bursts into the bedroom. In a panic, Athena scrambles under the bed, but the presence of a cold body drives her immediately from hiding, at which point Ethan snatches her arm and virtually drags her from the apartment.

The shooting has stopped, but they are still crossing the street when police lights appear a few blocks away. Rather than retreating to one of the vehicles, Ethan drags Athena into the building that the shooter had been using, a seemingly abandoned structure with no apparent secondary exit except the fire escape from the second floor. As law enforcement arrives in the street outside, the unlikely duo sneak through the central corridor of the upper story, where Ethan soon spots the sniper rifle propped against a window, but no shooter in sight. He sends Athena down the fire escape first, at which point the girl takes advantage of the opportunity to escape and runs down the alley. Frustrated, but unable to pursue her with a bum leg, Ethan mingles with the crowd outside until he can manage to get his vehicle away from the scene without drawing attention. Somehow, in the interim, in full view of the police and forty or fifty bystanders, the shooter managed to insert his weapon into Ethan’s secured pickup. Furthermore, the ex-sniper recognizes the rifle as his very own training weapon from a few years back.

Meanwhile, in Ferma, Italy, Elsa returns to her hotel with her manager, Trevor, to find her younger sister waiting outside the door. After a brief flurry of hugs and sign language, Elsa quickly learns that her mother – affectionately referred to by Trevor as the “Iron Bitch of Berlin” – is waiting downstairs. In no mood to deal with the woman, Elsa sends Trevor as interference and she and Ila sneak out the back. The pair of them are followed, however, by a conspicuous-looking eastern European thug, whom they attempt to lose in the nearby city streets.

At Joe’s Diner in Chicago, Ethan manages to catch up with Athena and express his interest in helping her, at which point he also learns about the briefcase. As he attempts to hide the case for later retrieval, the stressed latch gives way and it pops open, spilling a handful of files and a strange glass disc out onto the pavement. The files include a handful of dossiers, one of which is his own and includes both classified information and events that have yet to occur. When he retrieves the disc, however, the nearby streetlights begin to flicker and go out and the sounds of the diner disappear for several seconds.

At that precise moment, in a small jail cell in eastern Texas, the same thing seems to happen around Sunny Clark, the sounds of the sheriff’s station coming to a sudden stop and the lights going out for several seconds. In Ferma, Elsa is distracted by the man behind her and walks right into – and abruptly through – a brick wall. From behind the wall, she and her sister somehow watch the man react to losing them, just before the walls becomes solid and impenetrable once again. And in the skies over Switzerland, Isabella’s plane loses power for several seconds, drifting quietly through the darkness until the power is restored.


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